Development of the industrial logistic complex




The project accounts for development of facilities and logistical structures of the autonomous industrial logistic center “Port”

To ensure engineering, logistical, and sanitary support of the complex, the project also includes the development of a power station, various treatment facilities, firefighting depot with fire reservoir, pier and facilities for service vessels, customs terminal, protective dam with wave breakers (including in-built turbines for the power station as well as water reservoir for turbines), campus with infrastructure for employees. Two shores are connected by a viaduct. An 80-km road is used to receive and send cargo by land.

The location choice for facilities and logistical structures of the autonomous industrial logistic center is based on the fact that this place is next to main international sea routes connecting nearly all continents. It provides an opportunity to provide the country with imported goods, increase export volumes, offer a wide selection of transportation, storage, and transshipment services for various international cargos including liquid gas. The development of the oil refinery, aside from refining oil, offers an opportunity to build a power station that utilizes refinement waste products providing electricity to not only the port but also surrounding territories. On top of that, the location is a well-protected port with climate conditions allowing for year-round operational readiness. Both land and sea areas are sufficient to place all projected structures. The lack of densely populated localities ensures ecological buffer zones between population and potentially hazardous facilities.

Facilities and logistical structures of the autonomous industrial logistic center are situated alongside the northern and southern shores of the straight and connected by a viaduct that serves simultaneously as a road and encasement for engineering equipment used to transfer liquid cargo from the north as well as part of the pier for bauxites and bulk from the south. Also, the viaduct is projected to have a drawbridge allowing vessels to move across the straight.

The oil refinery, power station, and liquid cargo terminal (as well as their infrastructure) are situated on the northern side of the straight providing a safe distance to other facilities (the distance is 1100 meters).

Bauxite and bulk terminal, wheeled cargo terminal for Ro-Ro ships, container terminal, general cargo terminal, and passenger terminal are situated on the southern side of the straight. Terminals are placed one after another forming an arc accommodating ships and allowing them to turn around.

The campus is situated in the south-west part of the port removed from the closest ecologically disadvantageous facilities by 1600 meters.


The port is envisioned as a single autonomous complex and includes:





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