Oil refinery



The oil refinery with total capacity of 5 million tons per year is located on a 50.4 hectares area. The main operational activity of the refinery is refining oil to petroleum, kerosene, heavy oil, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, lubricants, bitumen, petroleum coke, raw materials for petrochemistry.

The complex includes:

  • Reservoir facilities for oil and petrochemicals storage with total capacity of 200 thousand cubic meters;
  • Oil refinery equipment;
  • 470-meter long pier;
  • Equipment for reception, storage, and shipment of petrochemicals;
  • Utility structures;
  • Firefighting system of the terminal;
  • Fire reservoirs;
  • Service and common facilities.

The production cycle of the refinery consists of:

  • Raw materials preparation — dehydration and desalination of oils using specialized treatment equipment;
  • Primary oil refining — by heating in distillation column to 350 °С, various fractions are removed from oil: straight-run gasoline (boiling away at 28—180 °С), jet fuel (180—240 °С) and diesel fuel (240—350 °С), while heavy oil is left;
  • Oil fractions refining is conducted by thermal and chemical catalytic splitting of fractions produced by the primary oil refining to obtain higher volumes of gasoline fractions as well as raw materials for catalytic cracking to produce aromatic carbohydrates; catalytic reforming, coking, visbreaking, hydrocracking, hydrotreating;
  • The final stage of the refining process — mixing acquired components to produce necessary products.

The main raw material used by the refinery is oil. The transportation of oil to the refinery is conducted by a pipeline from the pier serving tankers.

Employee count — 240 people.


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