Power station



The project includes the development of a power station with the capacity of 50 MW situated on the northern side of the straight. The fuel for the power station is comprised of waste products from the oil refinery.

The power station occupies the territory of 1.73 hectares.

The complex includes:

  • Power station building — 900 square meters;
  • Reservoir facilities for waster products with the total capacity of 10 thousand cubic meters;
  • Utility facilities;
  • Firefighting system;
  • Service and common facilities.

Additionally, the project includes a power station attached to the protective dam with turbines utilizing the “tide ebb” generation with total capacity of 6 MW. The reservoirs are filled during the tide. 6 hydroturbines capable of producing 1.5 MW of energy each work during the tide and utilize stored water during the ebb. This power station will be especially important during the initial stage of the development before the oil refinery and main power station are finished. Later, the hydroelectric power station will be connected to the common power grid.

Employee count — 60 people.


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